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Our patented software allows you to build model forms from your own agreements, audit entire contract sets, and quickly review incoming contracts. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our contract automation solutions allow companies and firms to dramatically reduce the time and resources spent on contract drafting, auditing, and review.

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We analyzed thousands of real-world contracts to create true market standards. Use our analysis for clause research, document assembly, and contract review.

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We are tireless in our pursuit of creating a better product. Check out the new features and applications we are building for business, law, and academia.

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Cutting-Edge Technology. Contract automation that lets you draft, audit, and review faster.

KMS technology uniquely provides a full analysis of the structure and language contained in your agreements. Our team can help with your contract management, drafting, and review needs --creating model forms from past deals, designing custom playbooks, auditing contract collections, and reviewing incoming agreements against your standards… From top to bottom, we do it all.

Market Standards. Standard clause language and contracts developed using real-world, executed agreements.

At ContractStandards, we analyzed thousands of executed agreements from SEC filings and identified standard clause usage, language, and alternatives in commonly used agreements. What’s more, we provide a clause library with clause alternatives and commentary, easy-to-use document assembly tools, and playbooks for sales teams.

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We are forever tweaking features and constructing new applications as well as collaborating with others to bring our technology to the market. Take a look at some of our current projects. Comments welcome!